Stuffed Pizza

Introducing our delectable Stuffed Pizzas at Kingdom Cafe! These large (18") pizzas are packed with flavorful fillings and are perfect for sharing. Choose from our enticing options:

  1. Cheesesteak Stuffed Pizza: Indulge in a savory combination of American and mozzarella cheese, peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tender cheesesteak. Price starts at $25.00+.
  2. Kingdom Supreme Stuffed Pizza: Savor the ultimate pizza experience with pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, onions, and green peppers. Price starts at $25.00+.
  3. Meat Lovers Stuffed Pizza: For meat enthusiasts, enjoy a hearty combination of meatballs, sausage, pepperoni, ham, and bacon. Price starts at $25.00+.
  4. Chicken Parmigiana Stuffed Pizza: Delight in the flavors of chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, and your choice of marinara or vodka sauce. Price starts at $25.00+.
  5. Roma Stuffed Pizza: Experience the delightful blend of sausage, pepperoni, and potato in this unique creation. Price starts at $25.00+.
  6. Veggie Stuffed Pizza: For the veggie lovers, indulge in a medley of mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, red onions, tomatoes, and mozzarella. Sauce is optional. Price starts at $25.00+.

Treat yourself to the irresistible taste of our Stuffed Pizzas at Kingdom Cafe. With generous fillings and a delicious crust, these pizzas are sure to satisfy your cravings. Gather your friends and family and enjoy the delightful flavors together.